What is a Couple Swap?

Couple swap is a popular practice among the married and dating partners in the contemporary society. In fact, couple swap happens even with escorts for couples. However, not many people really understand what it means or why partners do it. Couple swap refers to the temporary or long term exchange of sexual partners with the consent of all parties involved. For instance, a man from one couple can let another man have sex with his woman and vice versa.

The practice can also occur between same sex partners. During a couple swap, all parties involved in the exchange must each have a partner. Often, the couples indulge in the same room though it can happen with each couple having a different room.

The practice can be traced back to the mid-19th century. It is mainly aimed at ensuring fulfillment of sexual fantasies or satisfaction. In some cases, especially long term couple swap, partners do it to rekindle the old flames for the purpose of re-marriage. Nevertheless, there are two kinds of couple swap that are commonly practiced today. These are soft swap and full swap.

Source: 2 Girl Special and BDSM in Las Vegas

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